Quality academic services antecedent towards the level of students satisfaction in distance learning program unit Universitas Terbuka Jayapura

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Keywords: Responsiveness, Tangibility, Reliability, Assurance, Empathy


This study examines the antecedents of the quality of academic services toward the level of students’ satisfaction. It was conducted in Distance Learning Program Unit (DLPU), Universitas Terbuka- Jayapura, Indonesia. The test was conducted on a sample of 226 respondents. The sample method used was purposive sampling. Data was collected through direct survey. Furthermore, hypothesis examination was conducted empirically using multiple regression. The results showed that all dimensions of service quality, consisted of reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles, simultaneously proven to affect the level of students’ satisfaction at DLPU of Universitas Terbuka Jayapura. Dimensions of service quality, partially, proven to have a positive and significant effect on the level of stundents’ satisfaction.

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